'I'm Not Black, I'm O.J.': The Trailer For American Crime Story Is High Art

You’ll always remember where you were when you watched OJ’s Bronco chase, you’ll always remember where you were when the verdict was read, and you’ll always remember where you were when you watched the trailer for Ryan Murphy’s newest piece of hobbled together, not-quite-there camp masquerading as good television,


Researchers Finally Disproved a Conspiracy Theory About This Famous Lee Harvey Oswald Photo

There’s a lot of speculation about who really killed President John F. Kennedy. Was it the Cubans? The mafia? The CIA? Or was it a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald? And if Oswald was just a patsy, as he claimed before he himself was killed, could his most famous image be a fake? Researchers have now shown through…


Why Are Women Obsessed With Investigation Discovery’s Grisly TV Shows?

Jodie Gaines was 18 years old and on her way to a fish fry when she saw the blue lights of a cop car flash in her rearview. As detailed in an episode of House of Horrors: Kidnapped—one of a grip of ominously titled programs on the channel Investigation Discovery, the 24-7, true crime network—she was an outgoing high…